sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Hi, Team!!!! I just wanted to wish you all a wonderfull winter break...
Enjoy yourselves and rest a lot... Get ready for the next term...
Big hugh, K =)

viernes, 15 de julio de 2011


Finally, our cherished winter holidays are here.
We´ll have time to relax, chat with friends, go out with our families... In other words, do whatever we want to, without feeling the presssion of time...
WOW!!!!! Holidays just ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usefull courses for students and teachers



Modalidad no presencial: se compone de cuatro módulos de lectura domiciliaria. Incluye materiales bibliográficos y tutoría docente permanente vía internet. El cursante necesita solamente el acceso a una cuenta de correo electrónico. En ambas modalidades de cursada se deben desarrollar un TP obligatorio basado en el desarrollo de un proyecto.

INICIO: Miércoles 20 de julio

FINALIZACION: Miércoles 17 de agosto

Se tendrán en cuenta los cortes o demoras que pudieran tener los cursantes por viajar de vacaciones.



Diseño de estrategias de enseñanza desde la teoría de las inteligencias múltiples
Resolución 5796/09
PUNTAJE:: 0.180
Lic. Daniel Gentile
Lic. Daniel Stigliano
Filosofía para Niños y Jóvenes y otras técnicas grupales cooperativas
Resolución 946/09
PUNTAJE: 0.180
Lic. Daniel Gentile
Lic. Daniel Stigliano
Propuestas para Desarrollar la Inteligencia Emocional y la Motivación en el aula.
Resolución 1658/09
PUNTAJE: 0.180
Lic. Daniel Gentile
Lic. Daniel Stigliano
Apuntes y aportes prácticos para la resolución de conflictos en la convivencia escolar. ¿Una oportunidad para crecer o una amenaza de destrucción?
Resolución 1729/10
PUNTAJE: 0.120
Lic. Stella Maris Poli
Evaluación escolar como mediación. Criterios,instrumentos y recursos
Resolución 3998/10
PUNTAJE: 0.180
Lic. Daniel Gentile
Lic. Daniel Stigliano
Taller de Ciencias Naturales para Maestros de EGB
Resolución 1664/10
Puntaje 0.180
Lic. Daniel Stigliano

ARANCEL : $ 90 (cada curso) . Si se inscribe en dos $ 70 cada uno (INCLUYE MATERIAL DE LECTURA Y BIBLIOGRAFÍA OBLIGTORIA DIGITALIZADA)

Para inscribirse:

Enviar un e-mail para reservar la vacante a institutocipad@yahoo.com.ar donde figure: curso elegido-Apellido y Nombre-Tipo y Nº de documento-Título-Domicilio-Teléfono-Mail.

PARA MAYOR INFORMACIÓN ingresar a la página web: www.cipad.com.ar También por correo electrónico a la dirección: institutocipad@yahoo.com.ar o por teléfono al (11) 15-5463-2079

Este mensaje se envía en concordancia con la nueva legislación sobre correo electrónico: Por sección 301, párrafo (a) (2) (c) de S. 1618, bajo el decreto. 1618 título 3° aprobado por el 105 congreso base de las normativas internacionales sobre SPAM, este e-mail no podrá ser considerado SPAM mientras

incluya una forma de ser removido. Si usted no desea recibir este u otros mails envíe un mensaje a info@cipad.com.ar con el mensaje "REMOVER" en el Asunto. Disculpe las molestias ocasionadas.

domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Intelligent Discipline Seminar.

If you cannot view this email, please click here to view an online version.

I´m a teacher... Not a Saint!!!!

Sorry, pals, but there´s something I´ve wanted to say since I became a kindergarten teacher, many, many years ago... The FACT that I am a teacher, and that I work with kids, DOESN´T mean that I want them around ALL THE TIME... It doesn´t mean, either, that I´m always, available for everyone, anytime, (at least, not willingly)...
Has the world ever thought of teachers as HUMAN BEINGS? I know I sometimes don´t look like one... But I swear I am!!!!!

sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

Commenting Romi´s blog

Good job, Romi!!! Can´t wait to see more from you in your blog...C U around, Take care, pal... Big kiss, K =)

After visiting Luján´s blog...

Wow, Luján!!! Congrats on your blog...
Take care, pal, and enjoy your winter holidays... C U soon... Big hugh, K =)

A short comment on Marías blog

María: Your blog is just like you... So pink and sweet!!!! I had the impression only Sarah Kay was missing in it...
I really LOVED it...
Kisses, K =)

Jorge´s blog is cool!!!

Wow, Jorge, now, that´s a blog, pal!!!
Congrats on your TERRIFIC prensentations... Your blogging style just rocks!!!
C U soon!!! Big hugh, K =)

Commenting Joaquín´s blog

Hi, Pal!!! Congrats on your blog!
It really shows you´ve been racking your brain... And that you still have one!!! Congrats on that as well!!! C U around, friend!!! Take good care of yourself and... Enjoy your winter holidays!!! K =)

Commenting Dani´s blog

Hi, Dani!!!
Let me tell you it´s been a great pleasure being your mate.
Secondly, I´d like to congrat you on your blog, which I´ve enjoyed visiting.
It is colourful, funny and easygoing, just like you...
Stay tunned, pal!!!

A tiny comment on Lu´s Blog

Lu: Congrats on your blog, pal!!! Really appealing, colourful and entertaining... Very "teacher like"...
A pleasure being your follower...
Tons of hugs, K =)

Reflecting on G´s Video on monks and new Technologies

I think this short video describes EXACTLY how I felt the first time I entered the TIC Workshop... Stuck in the Middle Ages as regards Technology... Thanks to the present Workshop, I´ve been able to connect myself into the new Technologies in Education, and my life has become somehow easier...

viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Reflecting on the TIC course

The course has been most interesting.
It has not been easy to take, and to make progress in it... But who says making progress has EVER been so?
So many new things to learn... So short a time... But, with a little help from your facilitator and your mates... Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible...!!!!
As the Nike logo goes... IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!!!!
And now... The sky is the limit!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a million to my dear Gladys, who has always been so patient with me, and my ignorance on computers... and to Lu, a wonderful learning partner...
Good job, everyone... And now, let´s enjoy our winter holidays!!!!

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Reflecting on teaching experiences

Site validation

In our 3rd Assessment Session, our teacher asked us to validate a site-
Doing so was both exciting and interesting, as we found ourselves analizing many sites we thought would be trustworthy, and finally, we found they were not... So, pals, be careful when looking for info!!!!!

Assessment Session 3
Validating a Web Site
Learners´names: Girolimini, Lucía
                            Rocchi Turrillo, Karina
Facilitator´s name: Mrs. Gladys Baya
Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/help/faq/history.htm

1) & 2)We chose to look for websites referring to the Origins of the English Language. Therefore, we thought it most convenient to refer to the Merriam-Webster site.
Being Merriam-Webster one of the authorities in the field of the language, we thought the information and contents provided would be accurate enough.
We can corroborate the authenticity of the said site by looking at the logo, the credentials referring to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the accuracy of the vocabulary which is definitely related to the topic, and the URL.
3)As regards objectivity, we both thought the vocabulary used in the present site is as free from bias as it can be, because the topic is inherently related to facts and the few ads which appear are strongly related to teaching languages and technological appliances sponsored by Merrian-Webster.
4) There are no dead links in the present page, and this tells us that the site is regularly updated and looked at.
5) There is no special software fees required to have access to the present page.

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (In chronological order)

What about a little bit of History? A bit of soap opera, perhaps? Dig into Henry VIII love life, and enjoy the intrigues and passions of a Royal heart!!!!!

Are you curious about SPAM?!

The present article was sent to me by our TIC teacher, in order to teach us how on Earth SPAM appeared in our lives... Quite amusing to play with different kinds of fonts, formats and images... Help yourself!!!!!!!

Karina Fabiola Rocchi Turrillo
What is spam?
If you use email, you´ll have encountered spam. But do you know where the term comes from, and why it´s used to refer to unwanted email?
“Spam” is an acronym derived from the words “spiced” and “ham”. In 1937, the Hormel Foods Corporation (USA) started apelling minced sausage made from out-of-date meat. The Americans refused to buy this unappetizing product. To avoid financial losses the owner of the company, Mr. Hormel, launched a massive advertising campaign which resulted in a contract to provide tinned meat products to the Army and Navy. In 1937, Hormel Foods began to supply its products to American and allied troops. After World War 2, with Britain in the grups of an economic crisis, spam was one of the few meat products that wasn´t rationed and hence was widely available. George Orwell, in his book “1984”m descrubed soan as “pink meat pieces”, which gave a new meaning to the word “spam” - something disgusting but inevitable.
In December 1970 the BBC television comedy series Monty Pyton´s Flying Circus showed a sketch set in a café where nearly every item on the menu included spam – the tinned meat product. As the wairter recited the SPAM-fillled menu, a chorus of Viking patrons drowned out all other conversation with a song repeating “SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM... lovely SPAM, wonderful SPAM”, hence “SPAMming” the dialogue.  Since then spam has been associated with unwanted, obstrusive, excessive information which suppresses required messages.
In 1993 the term “spam” was first introduced with reference to unsolicited or undesired bulk electronic messages. Richard Dephew, administrator of the world.wide distributed Internet discussion system Usenet, wrote a program which mistakenly caused the release of dozens of recursive messages onto the news.admin.policy newsgroup. The recipients immediately found an appropriate name for these obstrusive messages – spam.
On April 12 1994, a husband-and-wife firm of lawyers, Canter & Spiegel, posted the first massive spam mailing. The compañy´s programmer employed Usenet to advertise the services offered by Canter & Siegel, thus giving a atart to commercial spam.
Today the word “spam” is widely used in Email terminology, though Hormelo tinned meat products are still on sale in the USA.

Types of spam
Spam comes in many different varieties, ranging from advertising of legitimate goods and services to political propaganda to Internet scams. Spam worldwide tends to advertise a certain range of goods and services irrespective of language and geography.
Spammers constantly extend the range of their offers and are always searching for new ways of attracting unwary users. The list of spam categories is growing. However, when averaged out over the course of the year, 50% of spam falls into the following categories:
1. Adult content                                                    4. Personal finance
2. Health                                                               5. Education and training
3. IT
How to reduce spam
Spam isn´t only a nuisance, but can pose a threat to your computer or your data. For simple, practical guidelines on how you can reduce the amount of spam you receive, read here

Number of words in the text: 518                                                               April 27th, 2010

Number of words in the text: 518 April 27th, 2010

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Hi Everyone!!!!!

Becoming a successful teacher is not an easy task at all.
In my case, I think I was born a teacher, but the way I´ve made my way into the proffession of teaching has always been full of hope, new experiences, laughter, joy... And why should I deny it, many, many tears.
Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears due to hard cases, tears of achievement... Teaching is very similar to motherhood, in a way... That is why I always say.... My students are like my sons and daughters...